Rooftop A/C Work — the SR4000 can be hoisted onto a rooftop where it can be rolled, while carrying units, across the roof to where the units need to be set. Perfect for long reach situations that would otherwise take a much larger, more expensive mobile crane. The SR4000 is also ideally suited for compressor change outs.

Rooftop Elevator Work — the 4000 pound capacity of the SR4000 allows it to pull and place heavy elevator motors and equipment from and into elevator equipment rooms.

Work on Parking Garages, Pool Decks, and Courtyards — the light weight of the SR4000 (2000lbs) allows it to be placed on top of pool decks and parking garages or inside courtyards that would otherwise be inaccessible to larger, heavier cranes.

Industrial Applications — the SR4000 is perfect for work inside factories and warehouses. Applications include setting machine tools, pulling motors, facilities maintenance, etc.

Light Construction — whether working on a rooftop or inside of a building the long reach of the SR4000 is perfect for setting bar joists and other light construction material


light weight….weighs only 2000lbs

up to 4000lb capacity

long boom length…tip height of over 30’ without the jib

easy to roll

quiet operation…runs off of 110v power supply (generator or ext. cord)

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