Sky Hoist Mini-Derrick

The Sky Climber, Sky Hoist mini-derrick is perfect for hoisting lighter materials (coils, compressors, pump motors, etc) to high elevations. With 500′ + vertical reach capability and a maximum capacity of 2000 pounds, this unit can often do work that would otherwise take a monster crane to do and at a fraction of the cost. The unit can fit in most service elevators and it easily sets up on the roof level. The unit, with the exception of the 1000 pounds of counterweight, is completely self-contained. Some of the standout features of the unit are as follows:


  • 2000 pound capacity sky hook
  • 5 horse single phase motor
  • Remote up and down switch with power cord
  • Variable speed drive with brake and free spooling option
  • Compact fold up design
  • 32″ wide, 80″ long, and 78″ tall when folded up
  • Easy to push around on 8″ casters and sets up quickly on screw down outriggers

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