All Terrain / Truck Mounted Cranes


Max Capacity: 300 tons

Main Boom Length: 197′

Jib: 164′

System Tip Height: 375′

Details: Compact 300 ton on 5 axle carrier, with fully hydraulic luffing jib


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Demag AC200-1

Max Capacity: 240 tons

Main Boom Length: 223′

Jib: 108′

System Tip Height: 328′

Details: Shortest carrier in its class, with least boom overhang


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Demag AC100/4 L

Max Capacity: 120 tons

Main Boom Length: 194′

Jib: 88′

System Tip Height: 268′

Details: Extremely compact 4 axle machine with long main boom


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Demag AC-80

Max Capacity: 100 tons

Main Boom Length: 164′

Jib: 56′

System Tip Height: 220′

Details: Small 4 axle carrier allows extreme maneuverability, long main boom for its class.


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Link-Belt 8670

Max Capacity: 70 tons

Main Boom Length: 115′

Jib: 36.5′ / 61′

System Tip Height: 182′

Details: Mainstay of the fleet, very versatile.


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National 14127H

Max Capacity: 33 tons

Main Boom Length: 127′

Jib: 30′

System Tip Height: 168′

Details: Best in class performance and serviceability


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Manitex 1768

Max Capacity: 17 tons

Main Boom Length: 68′

Jib: N/A

System Tip Height: 78″

Details: Compact, yet strong for its size with good payload carrying capability.


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